Will Jaya 4-Bay NAS 3.5″ SATA HDD Hot-Swap Premium Mini-ITX NAS Cloud Storage Enclosure with 1 Expansion Slot and 220W 1U Flex PSU

This 4-Bay Hot-Swap NAS enclosure comes with 220W Flex 1U PSU installed. It can take any Mini-ITX form factor motherboards. With one expansion slot, users can add more features to the system. For DIY users, this is a perfect solution for you to build your own systems. Highlights: * Modernize Your Storage with Will Jaya's Complete Data Protection Solutions – Private and Hybrid Cloud server Stations. ** Multimedia Server Stations with Scalable Expansion to Store, Back Up, Manage and Share Your Video, Audio and Photos. *** Solutions for Collaboration, Virtualization and File Syncing, Sharing and Protection. **** External Storage Replacement at your Fingertips at Anywhere, Anytime, and Anything.